A Workshop from the 2010 IASD Conference by Suzanne Saldarini

Cost $7 by paypal

A Course based on a workshop titled "Comparative Analysis of a Dream Series from Different Theoretical Perspectives" from the 2014 IASD Conference by Alan Siegel, John Beebe, and Kelly Bulkeley

Cost $14 via Paypal

 A Workshop from the 2014 IASD conference, presented by Robert Hoss.

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A course based on three presentations that comprised a panel of this title at the 2014 IASD Conference.

Part 1: "The Nitty Gritties of Starting a Dream Group" by Christopher Sowton

Part 2: "Tilling the Soil and Gathering a Group Together" by Rosemary Gosselin

Part 3: "What Could Possibly Go Wrong in a Dream Group?" by Patti Allen

Cost: $15

A course based on a symposium presented at the 2015 IASD conference in Virginia Beach, which included these presentations:

"Dreamwork in Integrated Psychodynamic Psychotherapy-IPP Method," by Cristinia Bottoni and co-author Giuseppe Lago

"Spiritual Dreams and Attribution Theory: A Look at the Multiple Component Interactions Mediating the Spiritual Recognition of Dreams," by Robert Sears

"The Depth of Dreams in Music and Philosophical Practice," by Maria Neves

Cost $14 via Paypal