A course comprised of three presentations given by Robert Waggoner, Keith Hearne and Clare Johnson at a clinical symposium titled "Lucid Dreaming Symposium" during the Annual IASD Conference in Rolduc on June 25, 2016.

Part 1: "The future of lucid dreaming" by Robert Waggoner

Part 2: "Healing dreams and lucid dreamplay" by Keith Hearne

Part 3: "Lucidity now!" by Clare Johnson

Cost $21

A course based on an IASD Conference presentation and a research study by G. Scott Sparrow published in the International Journal of Dream Research in 2013.

Cost $14 via Paypal


Part 1: "The Phenomenology of Light as Experienced in the Process of Spiritual Awakening" by Nigel Hamilton (2013)

Part 2: "Awakening to Expanded Awareness through Lucid Dreaming," by Nigel Hamilton (2013)

Part 3: "The Alchemy of Light, Lucidity and Consciousness," by Mary Ziemer (2013)

Part 4: "Lucid Surrender: The Alchemy of Psycho-Spiritual Transformation," by Mary Ziemer  (2012)

Part 5: "The Importance of Situated and Non-situated Awareness in the Experience of Healing, Ecstasy and Light in Dreams" by Gregory Scott Sparrow (2013)

Part 6: "The Role of Lucid Dreaming in the Creative Process" by Clare Johnson (2005)

A course based on IASD Conference presentations

Cost $21 via Paypal