A course based on a feature presentation from the 2012 and 2014 conferences at Berkeley by Merideth Sabini and John Beebe. The recording was made at the 2012 conference.

Cost $14 via Paypal

A course based on presentations from 2013 IASD Conference

Part 1: "A Neuromythological Approach to Working with Dreams" by Stanley Krippner

Part 2: "Neuroscience Looks at Aspects of the Self, the Brain Basis of Self, and the Emergence of Self" by David Kahn

Part 3: "Dreaming is a Form of Mental Functioning: The Most Connective and Creative Form" by Ernest Hartmann

Part 4: "Recent Neurological Studies Supportive of Jung’s Theories on Dreaming" by Robert Hoss 

Cost $14 via Paypal