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Here you can  enroll in courses on dreams, participate in online research conferences on dream-related topics, and enroll in our Dream Study Groups Program (DSGP). **** IASD is currently in the process of re-applying for APA CE accreditation for the online courses on this site. (since 11/25/19, Still in process 5/10/24 - bk). Online CE credits are temporarily unavailable for courses on this site.****


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Dream Study Groups Program (DSGP)

You may enroll in our Dream Study Groups Program (DSGP) until March 1 , 2023 - the start date for the sixth session. For more information, review the description of the Dream Study Groups Program.  Click on the following link for an FAQ on the DSGP.

Enrolling in Courses

Our courses are based on books, IASD's annual conference presentations, and peer-reviewed journal papers. All courses are open to the public.

At the TOP of the Courses listing page (using this link - Courses - or the navigation bar tool)there is a SEARCH COURSES option. You can search for available courses by subject, author, presenter, or keyword. A list of courses containing those terms will appear upon pressing the "GO" key. Using this tool is easier than scanning through the full listing of courses available on this page, or using the navigation tool in the left sidebar.

Once you've opened an account, click on the Courses link in the Navigation box (upper left on this page) to access our current offerings. 

Each course has its own payment portal, through which you can self-enroll in the course. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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