This course is based on recordings of a talk given by Stephen Potthoff titled "Dreaming Paradise in Early Christian Cemeteries" as part of a Historical Perspectives Symposium held in 2016 at the Annual IASD Conference in Rolduc.

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A course based on a presentation by Marja Moors at the 2016 IASD annual conference in Rolduc, The Netherlands. 

The guru-devotee relationship can be seen as the most important relationship one can have in one’s life. Western people are skeptical about it because of the danger of dependency. Dreams can help to navigate in this field at a time when the world needs enlightened leaders more than ever.

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A course based on a panel presented at the 2015 IASD Conference in Virginia Beach, which includes the following presentations:

"The Science and Psychology of Transcendent Dreams," by Robert Hoss

"Evidence for Inner Awareness: How Lucid Dreaming Shows a Second Psychic System," by Robert Waggoner

"The Fisher King Wound and Its Healing as a Life Theme Heralded by a Dream," by Scott Sparrow

"Dreams Prepare Us for Change," by Robert Gongloff

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A course based on a presentation by Laurel Clark at the 2014 IASD Conference.

Cost: $10