Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the IASD Dream Study Groups Program (DSGP)

Q: Does the DSGP involve working with your own dreams in the groups or is it mostly discussion of theory?

A: The short answer is, discussion of theory. The DSGP is basically taking a modified version of the IASD Foundation Series (online courses) with a group to discuss questions with in your Dream Study Group’s (text based) forums, instead of taking those courses independently. 


Q: Is the DSGP online dream groups, offering training to practice dreamwork or dream group facilitation?

A: No, the DSGP is a community of online dream study groups (DSGs), all studying the same content together (the IASD Foundation Series) over the course of a year. However, in the third course of the DSGP Foundation Series, all DSGs will learn about some methods of dreamwork and will be prompted by weekly discussion questions to discuss them in the DSG forums.


Q: How many differences are there between the DSGP and the Independent Study? There seems to be some difference in content according to the course description.

A: The actual content of the presentations (audio and slides) is the same between the two, except the DSGP has videos whereas the Independent Study (IS) has PowerPoints and PDFs with separate audio files. The same general content is organized into four courses in the IS, and three courses in the DSGP. The DSGP has (text only) forums where people in each DSG will discuss course content prompted by weekly discussion questions. The IS has a bit more text description for each course, but no discussion questions. The DSGP has a 52 week limit for access, and each group progresses together through the modules, after a predetermined number of weeks to complete each module. The IS Course is available indefinitely and the student determines the pace or speed of completion.


Q: Is the DSGP delivered entirely online?

A: Yes, the DSGP as well as the Independent Study Foundation Series are both entirely online.


Q: How will the groups be formed?

A: We will assign enrollees to host groups prior to the starting date of March 1st. We will try to assign group members geographically, so that you can meet and study with dreamers in your region. You will have a chance to introduce yourself via a forum to your group members just prior to March 1st.



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