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Welcome to the IASD Dream Study Groups Program!

For the second year in IASD's history, members and non-members alike can join the IASD Dream Study Groups Program (DSGP), where like-minded individuals will be able to meet and interact in our Global Dreamers Forum, and will follow course content together over the period of one year in an engaging and interactive way, with access to forums and discussion questions.

  • The cost for participation in the DSGP, $50 for IASD members and $75 for non-members, includes:
    • Access to the "DSGP Tea Room", a global forum for dreamers.
    • Access to either the DSGP Foundation Series, or the DSGP Research Series courses, detailed below.
    • A one-year membership in either series, where members will interact on forums and discuss course content over the year.

All members of the DSGP must read and agree to honor the IASD Principles of Community.

If you have any questions please email DSGP-Admin@asdreams.org

Registration for the Dream Study Groups Program, including the DSGP Foundation Series and DSGP Research Series described below, will re-open in summer 2021, for our next launch September 1, 2021.

The DSGP Foundation Series

The DSGP Foundation Series brings together courses on A History of Dreaming, The Science and Psychology of Dreaming, and Dreamwork Methods.

Each course includes video presentations, discussion questions and quiz review questions to talk about in forums with other DSGP members. You will take a quiz after the forums end to earn a certificate of completion.

Course 1 - An Introduction to the History of Dream Sharing 

  • Presentation 1: Curtiss Hoffman — The Evolution of Dreams
  • Presentation 2: Angel Morgan — Cross-Cultural Dream Sharing and Healing
  • Presentation 3: Stanley Krippner — Everyone Who Dreams Partakes in Shamanism

Course 2 - The Science and Psychology of Dreaming 

  • Presentation 1: Robert Hoss — The Science of Dreaming
  • Presentation 2: Robert Hoss — The Psychology of Dreaming
  • Presentation 3: Robert Waggoner — The Science of Lucid Dreaming

Course 3 - Dreamwork Methods

  • Presentation 1: Robert Hoss — Dreamwork Basics
  • Presentation 2: Michael Schredl — Dream Listening
  • Presentation 3: Scott Sparrow — Co-Creative Dreamwork
  • Presentation 4: Gayle Delaney — The Interview Method
  • Presentation 5: Robert Hoss — Transformative Dreamwork
  • Presentation 6: Robert Gongloff — Exploring Dream Themes
  • Presentation 7: Leslie Ellis — Focusing Dreamwork
  • Presentation 8: Scott Sparrow — Dreamwork and Group Theory

The DSGP Research Series

The DSGP Research Series offers dream research courses including some from IASD's First Online Dream Research Conference, which featured some of the best-known dream researchers in the world. 

The Research Series includes 10 video presentations, written summaries and abstracts of the course content, and discussion forums to review content with other DSGP students. You will take a quiz after each presentation to earn a certificate of completion.

The DSGP Research Series consists of the following presentations:

  • Presentation 1: Erin Wamsley, PhD: Memory Consolidation in Dreams and Waking Thought
  • Presentation 2: Robert Stickgold, PhD: The Induction of Specific Dream Content
  • Presentation 3: Antonio Zadra, PhD:  Discoveries and Challenges in the Study of Nightmares
  • Presentation 4: Mark Blagrove, PhD: Exploration-insight from Discussion of REM Dreams, NREM Dreams and Daydreams Using the Ullman Dream Group Method
  • Presentation 5: Tracey Kahan, PhD: Predictors of Metacognition in Dreaming and Waking: Another Look
  • Presentation 6: Jennifer Windt, PhD: The Philosophy of Sleep & Dreaming: Questions and Future Perspectives
  • Presentation 7: G. William Domhoff, PhD: We Need Bigger and Better Samples of Dream Reports: ‘Most Recent Dream’ Reports and Dream Journals Are The Best Answer
  • Presentation 8: Sophie Schwartz, PhD:  Processing Emotionally-Relevant Information in Sleep and Dreams 
  • Presentation 9: Michael Shredl, PhD: Can We Learn Something About Dreaming by Studying Gender Differences?
  • Presentation 10: Michelle Carr, PhD: Nightmares, Lucid Dreams, and Dream Engineering

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