A One-CE Workshop from the 2010 IASD Conference by Suzanne Saldarini

Cost $7 by paypal

A 3-CE course comprised of three presentations from the 2013 IASD Conference

Part 1: "Dream as Story: Exploring the Themes of Your Dreams" by Robert Gongloff

Part 2: "Dreamwork Takes Lessons from Neuroscience," by Robert Hoss 

Part 3: "Safety in Dream Groups" by Geoff Nelson

Cost $21 via Paypal

A 2-CE Course based on a workshop titled "Comparative Analysis of a Dream Series from Different Theoretical Perspectives" from the 2014 IASD Conference by Alan Siegel, John Beebe, and Kelly Bulkeley

Cost $14 via Paypal

 A two-CE Workshop from the 2014 IASD conference, presented by Robert Hoss.

Cost $14 via Paypal

A Non-CE course based on three presentations that comprised a panel of this title at the 2014 IASD Conference.

Part 1: "The Nitty Gritties of Starting a Dream Group" by Christopher Sowton

Part 2: "Tilling the Soil and Gathering a Group Together" by Rosemary Gosselin

Part 3: "What Could Possibly Go Wrong in a Dream Group?" by Patti Allen

Cost: $15

This is a 1-CE course based on a presentation by Art Funkhouser at the 2015 IASD conference in Virginia Beach.

Since 1989, Funkhouser has led a dreamwork seminar at the C. G. Jung Institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland. Over the years, an approach and methodology has emerged which has proven to be both easy to use and still very effective.

Cost $7

A 2 CE course based on a symposium presented at the 2015 IASD conference in Virginia Beach, which included these presentations:

"Dreamwork in Integrated Psychodynamic Psychotherapy-IPP Method," by Cristinia Bottoni and co-author Giuseppe Lago

"Spiritual Dreams and Attribution Theory: A Look at the Multiple Component Interactions Mediating the Spiritual Recognition of Dreams," by Robert Sears

"The Depth of Dreams in Music and Philosophical Practice," by Maria Neves

Cost $14 via Paypal