IASD is in the process of creating a series of Foundation Series Courses, which will cover the main areas of dream research, theory and analysis. We will be adding to this section in 2018, especially following the annual conference in Phoenix, where we plan to present several courses that will serve as the backbone for the Foundation courses.

This course is a three-hour, three-part mini-tutorial on the science and psychology of dreaming, by Robert Hoss, MS, which covers: 1) the Basics; 2) the Psychology; 3) the Exceptional Dream Experience. The educational tutorial is designed for anyone interested in a summary of some of the theories and research findings related to our basic understanding of dreaming. Although there is still much unknown and even controversial about the nature of dreaming, this talk is an attempt to present a snapshot of some of the general thinking cited from research and theoretical literature.

The lectures will present basic information on: the nature and content of dreaming including sleep states, recall, aging and gender differences; a look at the neurobiology of dreaming brain and how it might contribute to the dream experience and potential dream function; psychological theories related to the understanding of dream imagery and potential function, such as a role in restoral, adaptive learning and personality growth; a discussion of nightmares, their causes and treatment; a look at lucid dreaming in relation to the phenomenon, the research and the exploration of consciousness; and a brief discussion of extraordinary/PSI dreams the nature of the phenomenon and supporting research. 

Cost $21 via Paypal