Courses based on empirical studies of dreaming, dream recall, neuroscientific foundations of dreaming, dream work outcomes, and other dimensions of quantitative and qualitative research.

This is a one-hour course based on a keynote address of the same title delivered by William Domhoff at the 2017 annual conference at Anaheim, California.

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On November 11-13, 2016, the International Association for the Study of Dreams sponsored the first Online Dream Research Conference, which featured some of the best-known dream researchers in the world.

Open to the public, and offering CE certificates for each presentation, IASD's Online Dream Research Conference was the first of its kind. It fostered collaboration and inquiry among dream researchers, neuroscientists, mental health providers, and lay dream workers everywhere.

Now you can enjoy the conference presentations, and receive 13.5 CEs for the 9-session conference-based course. The presentations are as follows:

Erin Wamsley, PhD: Memory Consolidation in Dreams and Waking Thought

Sophie Schwartz, PhD:  Processing Emotionally-Relevant Information in Sleep and Dreams (The audio for this presentation was poor, so it is included as a bonus, without additional cost.)

Robert Stickgold, PhD: The Induction of Specific Dream Content

Antonio Zadra, PhD:  Discoveries and Challenges in the Study of Nightmare

Mark Blagrove, PhD: Exploration-insight from Discussion of REM Dreams, NREM Dreams and Daydreams Using the Ullman Dream Group Method

Tracey Kahan, PhD: Predictors of Metacognition in Dreaming and Waking: Another Look

Jennifer Windt, PhD: The Philosophy of Sleep & Dreaming: Questions and Future Perspectives

G. William Domhoff, PhD: We Need Bigger and Better Samples of Dream Reports: ‘Most Recent Dream’ Reports and Dream Journals Are The Best Answer

Michael Shredl, PhD: Can We Learn Something About Dreaming by Studying Gender   Differences?

Standard cost $89

Group Student discount (Requires contact from professor verifying use of course in curriculum, and minimum of six students) $30/student

A non-CE course based on a presentation by Wojciech Owczarski PhD, titled "Dreams of Auschwitz concentration camp prisoners" at the IASD Annual Conference in Rolduc, summer of 2016.

In 1973, Polish psychiatrists sent out to former prisoners of Auschwitz camp a questionnaire about dreams. Wojciech Owczarski PhD has  subjected their answers to a multi-aspect analysis, with a focus on the adaptive and healing effects of these dreams.

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A non-CE course based on a talk by Alfio Maggiolini titled "The typical dreams in the life cycle" at the 2016 IASD Conference Rolduc, in the Netherlands.

Summary: Typical dreams themes are very frequent in dreams, more than in waking narratives. There is a certain stability of the number of typical contents per dreams through the life cycle, while changes in specific contents indicate that some themes vary from childhood to the elderly.

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This 2-CE course is based on presentations part of a Clinical Symposium titled "Transpersonal Research," held in June 2016 at the Annual IASD Conference in Rolduc, with David Billington, Judy Pascoe, Dwight Turner, and Fulvio D’Acquisto.

Three brief presentations and one longer presentation on research undertaken within the transpersonal paradigm under the aegis of the Dream Research Institute (DRI) in London will be reviewed in this course. The presenters discuss the challenges of investigating dream experience from a psycho-spiritual perspective—heuristically, qualitatively and quantitatively—and will discuss their methods and findings.

The course includes the following presentations: 

David Billington “Dreams and Holistic Wellbeing: Method and Findings”

Judy PascoeOrganic and Art-based Inquiry into Dreams

Dwight TurnerBorn Again: Alchemy and Dreams of the Other

Fulvio D’Acquisto Dreaming Autoimmunity


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A non-CE course based on a presentation by David Kahn, PhD, titled "Emergence of a Dream" at the IASD Annual Conference in Rolduc, summer of 2016.

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Functionality comes only after the collective interaction of individual memories leads to the emergence of a dream. Core functionality comes from emergence, and is thus independent of the specific content of the dream even if the specific content provides meaning for the dreamer.

A non-CE course based on a presentation by Dr Michael Schredl titled "Music in Dreams" at the IASD Annual Conference in Rolduc, summer of 2016.

Fee: US$ 10 Paypal 

A non-CE course based on a presentation by Umberto Barcaro at the IASD Annual Conference in Rolduc, 2016. 

Summary Overview: A method is described that allows the dreamer to provide associations, and consequently to recognize episodic dream sources and links among them, according to a well-defined protocol. Detailed examples of the application of the proposed method are given; specific phenomena evidenced by the recognized link patterns are described and analyzed.

Fee: US$ 7 via paypal 

Please note: There are parts where the audio quality is weak.